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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Faith, Trust, Minus the Pixie Dust and add Jesus Spirit

FaithTrust.  Minus the pixie dust and replace it with the true power that lifts you high, the Holy Spirit.  Why do I ever doubt Him?  Why do any of us ever doubt Him?  Is it because there is a lack of "evidence" on God's part?  So be honest.  There isn't a SINGLE LACK OF EVIDENCE on God's part!!!!  IN fact, it is us who are the ones that are faithless, doubtful, and God looks down and says, "Hmm, lack of evidence that she believes."  So we are the problem, not God.  Not Jesus.  Jesus is the answer!  Is there a reason we complicate this till we are drowning in lies? 
Again, back to that trusting part.  You can complicate ANYthing in the entire cotton-pickin' world if you've already decided ahead of time that you aren't gonna believe it.  But if you decide you are going to believe in something that is a lie, then eventually that will backfire on you. Sooner or later. 
Oh the faithfulness of our God!  Oh the never-ending love!  His mercy that shines from morning till monring!  The love that is borne in my soul even when people hate me, I can LOVE them back!  Without Christ, without Jesus Christ in me, guys, that is IMPOSSIBLE!!  But BY His love, I can love my enemies. 

So why do we lack faith that the Bible is His Word?  Because we are forgetting one huge thing...
if you've repented and trusted Jesus,

You were spiritually dead

Every day you lived, you grew closer to Judgement day when you would be fairly sent to Hell, because of your sin.  God is Holy, no sin can be in Heaven with Him.  That means you.  That means me.

So, look at it this way....

All the little "band aids" that "man" tries to paste over our sin, they don't work.  Remember?  We're DEAD before Jesus saves us.  Can dead people do much?  Can dead people save themselves?  What if they tried REALLY hard?  Could they maybe save themselves then?
This is getting simpler and simpler, isn't it?

But God saw you, He saw that you were dead, headed to seperation from Him forever and BECAUSE of His HUGE LOVE....


in your place.

He's Jesus.

Jesus scooped you out of the grave, touched His lips to your mouth and gave you a single, breath of air.
His breath made your eyes flutter open, your heart started beating, color returned to your cheeks, you felt the strong, warm arms of His embrace encircle you and you did not doubt.  When you love someone, deeply love someone, does it matter to you what the critics will think?  Of course they'll think that way!  They don't love the person like you do....

Why do so many Christians get tripped up when critics scream lies?  Have they obeyed Scripture?  They ignore the Bible, and wonder why it's not working for them.  Hmmmm....

The love of Jesus is an unquenchable fire!!!  It cannot be denied! 

He will grow your faith by putting you in the fire, just like the silversmith refining his silver by holding it LONGER and LONGER in the fire. Man!  you may think, God, why are You doing this?  It hurts!
But He allows doubts to surface at times, giving us the chance, not so He can watch us fail and say, "I told ya so" but so He can be glorified when we fall on our knees, crying out, "Daddy!  Save me!  Oh Jesus!  Take away these doubts!  I love You! I am Yours!" 
He's growing your faith so He can be glorified greater through you.

'And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, "Abba, Father!"

Go to your Daddy...and JUMP into His open arms

By faith.

Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Simple Ways to Stand Up for Your Children

When I put, 'Your children', that means every single child in the United States of America.  The little babies that are suffering because of our lack of action.  But that can change...and it starts with one person deciding to go against the average flow.

1. Create an e-mail loop with all your "like-minded" friends in the Pro-Life area, and encourage them to be praying for the children, doctors at the abortion clinics, nurses, etc.

2.  Start a new thing: Go once a month with your Bible Study group and pray on the sidewalks in front of your closest abortion clinic.  If you're not part of a Bible Study group, then you can even e-mail the people on your e-mail loop and invite them to go pray with you.  Standing for Truth right where the evil happens is soooo important.

3. Go to and learn how to donate, or volunteer, or start a Baby Bottle Drive in your church.

4.  Begin posting articles on your Facebook, blog, twitter, etc., letting people know what's really happening to our children and how we can save them by standing up for them.

5.  Copy and paste these 5 simple steps and e-mail it to ten people.

Want to hear her story of a gal that came to Rachel House? This is Tia's testimony of a hope that maybe she can be an advocate for life....she's only one choice away...
Story of Coming Hope for a Young, Worried Mom

Taken from: With the Wings of Eagles bk (by Samantha) snippet----Ch. 8

She entrusted her heart to you, and you shattered it as if she were nothing to you, his justification, No!!  I love her…that was not my intention at all.  Once more, the voice said softly, That’s the problem.  You had no specific intent to stay pure, so instead you went with the flow of your emotions and scarred yourself forever. You should have fled when you had the chance. Your heart betrayed you when you needed it most.
            “Peter?  Peter?”  Elorrell was tugging on his arm. 
For the moment, he could focus on something else.
            “Yes Belle?”
            “You don’t look well.  Why don’t you head on home and we can meet tomorrow after lunch.  Does that suit?”
            “Sounds fine, Belle.”  He looked faraway from her.
Belle frowned.
            “I’ll pray for your peace, dear.”  Belle whispered, and gently she stood on tiptoe and pecked his cheek. 
            It was a little kiss, after all, but a kiss nevertheless, and the touch of her lips made Peter jump back.  He could not, would not, fall into temptation again.  Sternly, he stepped back and looked her hard in the eyes.
            “No, Belle.  Not that.  We can’t until…”
Elorrell went pale.
            “Till what Peter?”
He looked away again, tears filling his eyes so quickly that he scared himself.
            “Oh, nothing.  Good-night.” 
Belle swallowed hard, her body trembling.
That’s what scares me, Peter groaned, the night.  Is there never an end to the darkness?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Leah and Me

Us Now:) April 2013
BFFs for over 1 1/2  years!!

Leah and Me in September 2011
Us when we first met!  We both loved Jesus and horses so we were instantly BFFs!!
So I don't know....but maybe the added doses of Scripture reading, horseback riding, and giggles really do make you more beautiful as you grow older.
When we met, she was 11 and I was 13.
She's 13 1/2 and I'm 15 1/2!!  How time flies!!  And, as my mom said today because it was her birthday, "Grow more beautiful like old wine!"

March, April Pictures.

Winnie the Pooh Song, Animal Crackers, and Getting Younger

WennY ThE POoh

Is that probably how a six-year old would spell it?  You can imagine:).....

Well, what doya know, I was teaching Calendar Time with my 11-yr-old brother, 9-yr-old brother and 7-yr old sister today. 
3 Homeschool students on a cloudy day+a hyper 15-yr old sister teaching them?  What did it equal?
Answer is= A Revised Version of 'Animal Crackers in my Soup'. 
Shirley Temple does such a better job of than I, but hey!!  I'll paste the added lyrics below:
I began in the usual way,

'Animal Crackers in my soup, animal crackers loop-dy-loop! Eyore, Rabbit, Piglet, too.  Me!! And who?  And Winnie the Pooh!'

So now you know what I did this morning

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12