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Outside Lookin' In. I choregraphed my dance try-out to this song! my fav. of Lori's songs!:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wonderful Music to Try...

The song, "I'm in the Mood for Love."  By Jimmy McHugh
Description:  Its a slower, dreamier song, but touching and beautiful.  I just played it today on my grandmother's piano, and its one of the most heartfelt pieces of music I've ever played. 

The song, "Red Sails in the Sunset."By Jimmy Kennedy and Hugh Williams
Description: A beautiful, glorious song of an uplift in soul and filled with joy.  Expressing the love of a to-be-bride to her fiance.

The song: "Moon River."  By John Mercer & Henry Mancini
Description: A slow, heartfelt song that seems to sweep you into another world of long ago.

The song: "A Time for Us."  By Larry Kusik, Eddie Snyder and Nino Rota (taken from the 1968 movie, "Romeo and Juliet") 
Description: Mysterious, strong and lovely all at once.  You have to hear it to believe me. 

The song: "Moon over Miami"  By Edgar Leslie & Joe Burke
Description: Mysterious, pretty and slow moving. 
The song, "Victory in Jesus." 
Description: Its a upbeat, uprising song that makes you want to stand up and sing your heart out.  A wonderful, glorious Christian hymn!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pieces of World War II...from the Vatrana book

.............So now we hang another flag with a blue star beside the one with a gold star.  Every time I look at that gold star it reminds of Baylen and his courage…oh how I wish he hadn’t gone to fight!  How many lives must be lost before we win back our freedom? 

From: the book Vatrana
Based in early '40's. 

To buy the entire copy of this book, please comment and I'll contact you as soon as I can.  
Samantha (Annie-Maureen) 

The Value of Pure Books

When you walk into a library, you don't have to walk far to find a book on vampires or sorcery.  You don't have to walk far to find a book on boyfriend & girlfriend stuff, vise versa.  But why is it, that its so hard to find a good, wholesome,life-filled, pure book?  Sure, there's books out there that don't have evil things in them, but sometimes its seems like if there's a book that doesn't have evil things in it, its the other extreme...completely worthless.
So whats my point?  Whats the reason I'm writing about this?  Because there's two things in your mind that guide you daily, one, is your subconscious mind, and the other is your conscious mind.  Your subconscious is everything that has ever happened to you in your life, everything that you've ever felt, smelt, done, seen, or said.  Your conscious mind, on the other and, is what is going on in your mind right now.  What your thinking right now.  So, in relation to all this, your subconscious is bigger than your conscious.  Picture it like an ant riding a HUGE elephant.  Your subconscious is the elephant, and the ant is your conscious.  You see, you subconscious can sometimes guide your conscious, for example:
there once was a hobo that jumped a train and went into this car for safety.  He went inside, only to soon discover that it locked behind him, and he was trapped inside an ice car!  In his mind, he reasoned that he would soon freeze to death, so he began to write letters to his family, telling them he loved them and things like, 'I feel my hands getting numb, its getting colder...' and such.  Soon, that man died.
Later, when the guys of the train came and found this man in the ice car, they were puzzled.
"How can this be?"  They said.  You see, the motor to the ice car had been off.  It hadn't even been cold in the car!!!
This story is a perfect (true story) of how that man's subconscious elephant had controlled and overtaken his conscious ant, and the result was tragic.  His life.
He could've lived. But his elephant kept telling him 'your going to die.  your in an ice car.' So what did he do?
He listened to his elephant, and he did die.
That story amazes me still, and yet, its a perfect reminder of everything that you and I are putting into our minds.  Is it true?  Is it pure?  Well, how do we know if its pure?  We compare it according to God's Word, the Bible.  If it goes against His Word, then we shouldn't even pick it up.
Everything that we read is only feeding our elephant...whatever we feed him, that will be our results.
I hope this has helped you understand the importance of what you read and watch, and now is the time to go out and conquer our elephants, and let the ant lead!!!     

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Corinthians of the Week.....

1 Cor.15:3

'For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures, and that He was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve.'

Recomended Radio Stations...stations that change my day, and CAN change yours, too....

 Christian radio stations...

97.3....K-LOVE- for more info about this station, go to
92.3 (Christian discussion station)

You Were Made for a Purpose

SM:)LE  with others
LIVE a life of excellence
LOVE even when you don't feel like it
LAUGH when it can make someone happy
                         DREAM  because that's what you were made to do                        

Don't give in to yourself.
Keep living daily for your God-given purpose....
and instead....
give in, to Him.

Things a family can do to spend time together....

1.  Read aloud in scripture together
2. Drink hot tea in the morning
3. Play Carcassonne (the strategic game of the medival day)
4. Pop popcorn and do a game night in your living room!!
5. Have each child choose their fav. book and do a reading time

Its great to spend time together!!!!!!!!!!!

Snippets from the 'Sunshine on Her Face' book

Step back into pioneer time with a snippet from each chapter of the 'Sunshine on Her Face' book

Chapter One

A large golden leaf fell from its beloved branch and drifted to the grass below. Then, as if being beckoned by the first leaf, a multitude of other leaves followed the first, bright golds and reds, creating the most beautiful sight Casri Eloise McKlay had ever seen. She sighed and propped her head in her hands.
This generally perplexed Casri because she wanted to know why each leaf did the same thing as the one before it. Swish, swish, swish, they went. Why didn’t one of them hold on? Why must they all fall?  Was this their purpose?  Casri wished she knew the answer… just like she wished she knew the answer to many other questions…like how the sky could be a glorious blue then suddenly turn a dull gray.
                She wished she knew why the sun gave her a supernatural feeling of tranquility and hope when it beamed down upon her freckled face warmly.  She wished she knew why her father had left her family when she was only three. But most of all, she wished she truly knew her purpose in life.........



Chapter Two

Casri didn’t realize as the days of early autumn passed and  innumerable leaves sailed to the ground, something stirred deep within her heart.  Something so precious and wonderful that it spilled from her heart openly, like the flowing of a waterfall.  But even though she didn’t recognize it, someone else certainly did.  It all started one day…on September 22nd, 1860...........

Sunshine on their Faces
Chapter 3
“Casri!”  Mrs. McKlay smiled at her daughter with a mother’s love as they did the wash out in front of the cabin on a Monday morning.  Casri could tell that by her smile Ma had forgotten about all the things they still had to do that day.  

For the entire bk 1 of Sunshine on Her Face please comment on this post and leave your e-mail and I'll contact you as soon as possible.  
Samantha (Annie-Maureen)

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12