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Friday, March 30, 2012

LIFE photos

The LIFE business is an wonderful company that has Biblical information that improves in all areas of people's life.  Faith, Finances, Fun, Family, name it!  Already, my life has been improved by using the LIFE materials, and I know yours can be, too!

 For more info on what the LIFE business is, go to
also you can go to Orrin Woodward, one of the top leadership gurus in the world's blog!!! 

Photos of my BFFs and Me

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beautiful Ballet

Are you interested, or perhaps have all ready started ballet?  It's hard, yes, but its also lots of fun!! Here's some little snips of my 'Ballet Life'!

Lady Bug Costume

Me right before I turned 13, in fancy 'lady' dress

My friend and I, she's doing my hair before I go onstage

Elena and I

Me doing my mysterious 'Desperate Mortal' move 

All of us 'Desperate Mortals!'  That's what we were!
Me and my friend.  She's in her Rain costume.  I also was a Rain. 

Me with a star of the show

Me and my friend Brianna
These are some pictures of me, my friends and family when I was in the performance Rigoletto two summers ago, 2010.  
I am in one huge ballet performance every other summer.  

~Ballet is a ton of fun, though I won't lie and say its easy.  Over a year ago, I started Pointe, (it's where you see the professional dancers dancing on these special shoes), and Pointe is difficult, but very much worth it.
If your considering beginning Ballet, let me tell you now that it would be best to join a Christian Ballet group that teaches you to honor God with your body; that's what I am in currently. 
When you start in Pointe, you going to want to set aside at least $95 or so for the shoes, lamb's wool toepads, and wool stuffing.  It sounds pricy, but after your first pair, the cost should be more around $75, since you would already have the toepads and stuffing. 

The Ladybug Costume above, is supposed to be a 'lovely lady' dress.  Pretty, isn't it?  I'm going to wear one of them in the ballet show I'm in.  The other picture is me right before I turned 13.  My ballet teacher wants us to look like pretty ladies. 
Anyway, if you want to be in ballet, make sure that you don't just get in thinking its easy.  

But its always worth it!!! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Are we Ignoring the Helpless cries of the Hurting??

Jimmy was born 3 months early, weighing only one pound.  But yet it was before his due date, and he's still a little human being!  Does he look like tissue to you?  This proves that even before babies are born, they're still living, breathing, human beings! 

~Is that what we're doing?  Like so many other Americans and people in this world, are we just going to turn up the music louder and wish that abortion would disappear?  Are we going to simply pray that God would help the little unborn babies by sending someone else?  Because...our list goes on.  Because....I'm too busy to help.  I can't do it because get the idea.  
My mom was teaching some high schoolers of Hitler in a history class about World War II, and it was scary at how one young man said simply, "What's right for Hitler's not right for us." 
Excuse me?  Is that what we're letting the young people of our country believe? That there isn't ONE and only stand on alone truth, that there' s many different truths?  If that's true, then it doesn't really matter what any believes, because its true for everyone.  But what if someone went out and stole a car?  He'd go to prison, right? Well, he could have very well thought 'This is true for me, so it must be right.'  But it wasn't right!  He had gone against God's law of stealing!  
Bingo.  That's where the argument begins.  It begins when we try to gloss over God's truth of His Word, and the Ten Commandments, and when we try to make up our own ideas of how we think things should be.  
But that's not the truth.  The one and only TRUE truth is Jesus Christ.  Jesus IS truth, He's God's only Son that died for you and me.  He died because He knew that men would sin against His law.  And I know that it breaks Jesus' heart to watch the people of America let the injustice of abortion go on in America!  
America was founded on the ONE and ONLY true truth of God's word.  Not by a bunch of people that put together their own 'truths', and had a happy little time signing what we know as the Declaration of Independence.  The the Declaration of Independence it states strongly in there that 'all men are created equal...'  It doesn't say almost all men are created equal, it states boldly that ALL men are created equal!  Designed and shaped by the fingertips of God our Creator! And to deny that truth is to deny the truth of the Declaration of Independence!  Where do you think that Thomas Jefferson and all the signers found the truth that 'all men are created equal?'  In the Bible of course!  
In Exodus twenty, God lays out the Ten Commandments...
You shall not murder.  

And yet millions of precious, created in the image of God little babies are being murdered all over OUR country!  OUR tax dollars are going into the greedy hands of abortionist doctors!  We're paying others to murder our children!  If that doesn't get you mad, I don't know what will.  I pray that God will bring our country to its knees, and help us to repent of this evil sin of killing little babies!  No matter what the doctors try to say, a baby is a human being the entire time IN the mother's womb and OUT of the mother's womb!  And not only are the doctors killing the babies IN the womb, the babies have been taken OUT of the mother's womb and have been killed in indescribably painful ways!  These precious little babies can FEEL the pain, and yet the doctors do not care one bit!  If its all right to kill a human being once its out of the mother's womb, then whats the difference when a someone murders a ten year old?  

I know that this is hard and difficult to read, but we have been turning up the music long enough.  I'm sick and tired of people ignoring this terrible crime in our country and long for people to face the truth and and STAND against it!  No matter what the cost!! 

I know that it breaks God's heart to watch this God-founded country allow such injustice to occur.  I pray and HOPE strongly, that if your reading this right now, that God will do a work in your heart and implore you to take action!~  

There are different sources that you can volunteer and take action!  
Rachel House is a Pro-Life (NOT Pro-Choice) center that gets help for these young moms in need, and helps them realize the little life that they carry inside them.  

Please go here to find ways to serve and donate!!  
Thank you, and now is your time to take action against abortion!       

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making Memories with Jessica Blog!

 Here's a really cool blog to go to!  My BFF Jessica is a girl that loves the Lord and now here's her blog she's created!

Making Memories with Jessica:

Another blog I HIGHLY advise you to take a peek at is 
Grace's blog.  She's a young lady that's written a beautifully-inspired blog.  Be fearless and check her out!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lacy Gracie's Sparklies

A scrapbook page Elena made

My baby sister at age one or so

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12