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Friday, October 11, 2013

It's TIME!!

This picture was taken 7 years ago.  7 years!! Where does the time go?  Only God knows, I could be married in another 7 or less from now!  It makes me scared almost of how fast time has flown for me...and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.
Time is the most precious material gift God has given us, and I think, "What if God has put me in this country, for such a time as this?"

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about Truth and standing up for It.  I suppose you could put it this way,

Patriot- A person that stands up for Truth; and against the lies, protecting his/her freedom and the freedom his/her countrymen.

The other day, I stayed up late into the night writing a letter to my local Senator.  The passion flowed from my heart through my pen, my heart beating faster and faster and the patriotism of Johnny Tremain filling me up to it's fullest.  I felt like one of those "rebels" that began the Revolution in 1775.  My mind whirred with visions of tea being dumped, spies galloping through the midnight woods on the fastest of horses, and the Minute Men who were simple farmers that had the courage to stand up against the so far Undefeated British Militia.  The words flowed deep from something inside that I had been pushing down for a long time.
The passionate letter turned out being more of an article.  Here it is:

Dear Mr. Senator,

My name is Samantha. I'm 16 years old, and I'm a passionate citizen of the United States of America.  
First, I want to say that I KNOW I am a voice for more than just me.  I am the Voice of America herself, crying out, thirsting, praying, for a change in wind, a flicker of sunlight, a ray of Truth to once more illuminate us.
The change we thirst for, however, is not a change you and Uncle Sam can just bring about yourselves and "fix" overnight.  Honestly, face the Truth, (yes, I know you cringe at that word, and it stings, doesn't it?) and let the Great Founder of our blessed nation be once more given the credit due to His name for establishing the most prosperous nation on planet earth.  This Great Founder, oh His name we all know well.  In all barren Truth, we, each one of the citizens of our country and of the world, know of Him so well that that is the very reason, I know, we have shunned Him altogether. 
For, just think, if the very citizens of the United States of America knew that Holy, omniscient God founded our country as seeds implanted in the souls of the pilgrims over 400 years ago;
and that it was only by their (pilgrims) faith in the Lord, and by His Word lighting their path, that America is the most blessed country she is today;
then by golly if the American people would wake up to that and shout it at the mountaintops, then a great change  would indeed stir up!  The change would stir in the souls of Americans because God's Truth in His Word would be no secret or mystery any longer.  

A change of stone hearts to flesh, a change from old man to new man in Christ, a change in the worldview in public schools to where we, as bright children hungering to be fed Truth, would actually be taught that we are worth something beyond value, that we are hand-crafted by the hand of God Himself, that we are, and always will be, human beings with souls that will live eternally;
and we never were a sack of cells that spilled by accident!!  But in truth can be children of Almighty God if we but believe in His saving Name!!
This is the Ultimate, internally-wrought change that will prove to be the Greatest Great Awakening in History!!  This IS the kind of change that the citizens and people alike of America need!  

We don't need more taxes,

We don't need more babies murdered in the womb,

We don't need more textbooks put out by Federal Government in whose science and history teachings are not True science and history;

But instead we, as a country, and you, as a leader of High bestowed authority need to sink to our kneecaps and beg the Lord He love us enough to send His Spirit to us once more; that we may the be enlightened to go forth upon our horses of Truth, Hope, Victory and Light!  Advancing the True Kingdom.

These are my people.

Christ is my God.

America, she is my country, and I will fight for her, and I will keep re-sending this letter no matter how many times it takes; and I will press forward upon my horse of Truth, until the wickedness that is being worshiped in the High Places, and the oppression of our God-given inalienable rights by those whom we have entrusted, is cut off from America as far as the East is from the West.

I am beseeching you, I am seeking you out, to be the voice, even if you're seemingly the only voice, you're not.

Plead for the widow, for her face remains abundant in America,

Plead for the orphan, for his face, though oft unseen by human eye, cries out for deliverance from within the chamber of his mother's womb...but he remains orphaned, for too many times...he is unwanted.

Plead for the American family.  Obamacare will kill the good, strong hardworking Christian fathers, and wear down the mothers that struggle to feed their brood.  It is not care, and it is a violation of our Constitutional rights by forcing us to support more murdering of innocent lives.  Aren't enough little children killed mercilessly already??  Or must the HEALTH CARE, THAT'S SUPPOSED TO CARE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE'S HEALTH, KILL MORE OF US THAN ABORTION ALREADY HAS?
But, if for no other reason at all, plead for the sake of America's soul herself, and pray to God that He'll equip you so you'll withstand the battle.

James 1:27


When will YOU stand?

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12