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Friday, April 19, 2013

The UNCLEAR Call of the Trumpet is DANGEROUS

Last night,
I got back from Rachel House Banquet!  IT WAS AMAZING!
Truly, the MAIN reason WHY abortion is winning in this country is this:
THEY want it MORE.
It's that simple! The worst thing in our country right now is apathy!  Being "neutral" cause its "safe" and, awww...poor you, we won't loose any friends!!  No!  Because that would hurt your feelings.:(  But read Revalations 3 and you'll soon realize that Jesus Christ, speaking to the Lukewarm Church, He said, 'You are niether hot nor cold!  I will spew you out of my mouth!'

Have you ever tried drinking warm water?  Not too appetizing, is it?  Well, how do you think God is feeling right now as He watches the babies being slaughtered a few blocks away from so called "Christian" homes, and we do nothing about it?  Ok, so maybe you donated once or twice, or pray occasionally.  But what Jesus is saying here about not being LUKEWARM means that your either fighting on Satan's Team or your fighting on Jesus Christ Team and fighting for the lives of our American People!
Sad, but true statistics were read last night.  I'll relate a few to you now,

In the first time of all history, the African American race is experiencing a rapid decline because 50% of African American pregnancies end in death!!! Abortion.

72% of the ladies getting an abortion have gone to church.

60 some % of the ladies getting an abortion ALREADY HAVE CHILDREN.

Aprox. 12 million people were murdered in WW2.
Aprox. 55 million people have been murdered by abortions. 

Abbie Johnson, Rachel House's guest speaker last night used to be a Planned Parenthood Director, but Jesus Christ changed her heart and she is now passionately fighting for the Pro-Life Movement. 
She spoke of what REALLY happens in the abortion clinics...
are you ready?  Because you can stop reading now, but then you'll be blinding yourself to the Truth and then when YOU ARE CALLED to fight, you'll be confused about what your fighting AGAINST.  But if you listen to the Truth, it will set your soul free and then when the trumpet sounds you will run to the battleground with the Life-Savers.

Abbie was called to direct a sonogram abortion. 
Keep listening.  The problem with America is that we are too frightened to hear what the little babies are going through!  
So this was before Abbie's heart change, and somehow, someway, she had justified it in her heart that because this baby wasn't wanted then it was good to murder this child!
She watched, reassuring herself the lie that Planned Parenthood had told her, the lie that: 'No.  The P.O.C. does not have any sensory feelings.'  By the way, the P.O.C. is the baby.  But they can't say baby so they called it PRODUCTS OF CONCEPTION.

But that day, Abbie's eyes were going to be opened to the Truth.
The suction tube was inserted inside the woman's womb, and she watched on the screen as this little 13 week old boy, (with hands, fingers, toes, everything) fought that suction tube, trying desperately to get away from it.  He flailed his arms and feet as if to holler, 
"Help me!  Oh someone have mercy!  Does no body hear my cries?"
His voice was unheard by them that day, as Abbie watched.  The suction tube was turned on her eyes must have blurred now...
that little boy, that little child of God, his body suddenly became dismantled and he was sucked into the tube; murdered just like that.  Do you know that only takes 5 minutes?

Abbie used to be a P.O.C. Engineer.  Oh, that sounds important, right?  Well, let's expose the Truth here again.  What was her job?  
Her job was to piece back together, yes you heard me right.  PIECE back together the demolished parts of the murdered baby after the abortion!  
You must be thinking how sickening this could be for someone to have this as their every day job.  They must be insane, completely sick, completely psycho.  Ironically, Abbie grew up in a Christian home, went to Youth, went to Church...

But the subject of abortion was NEVER brought up!  
Our churches, the ONES that call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, need to STAND UP against the atrocities of murdering children, just like Dietrich Bonehoffer stood up against Hitler in World War 2!  What was Hitler doing?  Murdering whoever he deemed as 'unwanted.'  What is America doing?  Murdering whoever we deem as 'unwanted.'  We are playing the role of God Almighty, fellow Americans!  That is NOT our role to play!
Another thing too.  Germany doesn't allow aborotions.  Why?  Because its just like what they fought against in WW2.  They know the truth there.  Do we?

Oh how Jesus' heart must ache for the lives of His children!  Oh Lukewarm church!  Oh Lukewarm people!  Let us not die and stand before Jesus one day and Him say!

'Oh you Lukewarm hyprocrites!  WHY didn't you do MORE?!!"
I stand before you today as equally guilty of failing this question.  But the past is gone.  What matters it the future of our beloved America.  Are you willing to be spit upon by doing whats right?  Even if you feel like your standing alone, your not.
There's millions of others, I KNOW, that HATE abortions and HATE the murderous crimes unjust people are committing. I KNOW your out there, reading this, feeling guilty just like me.
Your not alone!  I have a passion for babies, and I know Grace, a good girlfriend of mine via blogging, has a passion for babies too!  But set aside those things, and remember this!
Romans 8---

'If God be for us, who can be against us?'

Run to the battleground today.  Now.  This second.  Another baby has cried out and been ignored while I've been writing this article.  
The trumpet sound should be clear to you now.
Listen to the call.

Go to Rachel House's website to find ways to help,
also, here's what I'm doing on May 4th!  Not too far away from National Day of Prayer,
Some girls in my Bible Study group and I are going to pray on the sidewalks in front of Planned Parenthood!  Prayer is one of THEE strongest weapons against these clinics!  Pray for them IN FRONT of them! 

If you'd like to join us in prayer on May 4th, we will be praying from exactly 9-10am.  Lift up the lives of these children in the name of Jesus Christ with us, and pray right where you are!  Miles do not matter.  God hears. ;)

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12