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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Already Gone

Already Gone is the title of my favorite young-earth Creationist, Ken Ham's book.  In this book, he digs deep into the core of the epidemic that is sweeping North America...the 'leaving the church' epidemic.  And has led multiple studies on how 2/3 of the kids you see sitting in the church pews today are 'already gone' in their hearts and will be gone by college age; because they are doubting the authority of Scripture beginning as young as Middle School age.  

In Already Gone, p. 102-103 he writes,

'Now I want you to understand what has happened--this is key to understanding what has happened to our culture, and key to understanding why our kids are leaving the Church.  This is the crux of the issue.  It is an issue of authority--biblical authority.

It is true that the literal events of Genesis are foundational to all doctrine--to the gospel.  In Matthew 19:4-7, when Jesus was explaining the doctrine of marriage, He quoted from the creation account of Adam and Eve to teach the doctrine of one man for one woman.  The whole meaning of the gospel is dependent upon the account of the Fall of man, and thus original sin, as given in Genesis.  Ultimately, every single biblical doctrine theology, directly or indirectly, is founded in the historical account given in Genesis 1-11.  And Genesis is written as typical historical narrative (not like the Psalms that are written as typical Hebrew poetry).  If one undermines this history, or reinterprets it, or tries to claim it is myth or symbolic, then one undermines the foundation of the rest of the Bible, including the gospel.

But even given this, there is something far more crucial--it is the very WORD itself, the authority of the book we call the Bible.

The reason we know Jesus rose from the dead is that we take God's Word as written.  The reason we know a fish swallowed a man is that we take God's Word as written.  And if you take God's Word as written in Genesis (and it is written history and quoted from as history throughout the Bible as did Jesus Himself in His earthly ministry), it is very clear that God created in six ordinary days, that man and animals were vegetarian before sin, there was a global Flood, and there was an event after the Flood called the Tower of Babel that formed the different people groups.

Thus, one can't have a fossil record of supposed millions of years before man containing evidence of animals eating each other, bones with diseases like cancer, and thorns said to be hundreds of millions of years old, when everything was described by God as "very good" and animals and man were vegetarian and there was no sin and thus no death and disease or thorns before Adam's rebellion.  The ultimate reason so many in the Church (including professors at Bible colleges, seminaries, and Christian colleges) reinterpret the Genesis account of creation, or say it is not important, is because of the influence of the idea of millions of years and evolutionary teaching.

Here is the point.  Stand back and consider the big picture.  If we teach our children (or anyone) to take God's Word as written concerning the Resurrection, the miracles of Jesus, and the account of Jonah and the great fish that swallowed him but then tell them we don't need to take Genesis as written but can reinterpret it on the basis of the word's teaching about millions of years and evolution--we have unlocked a door.

The door we've unlocked is the door to undermine biblical authority.  We are really saying, "We want you to take God's Word as written according to literature and language in certain places--but not here at the beginning in Genesis."

What we have actually done is made man the authority over God's Word.  We have taught our children that they can take what they learn at school and can reinterpret the Bible's clear teaching in Genesis to supposedly fit this into the Bible. 

BY STAYING SILENT (caps added by me) and not defending Genesis, we are "teaching" our children that we don't have to tale God's Word as written, and man can reinterpret the Bible's clear teaching............'

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12