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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Angels...funny little snippets of my life...

11-16-11-Jordan says (my eight yr.old brother) 'I'm buildin' my house with dollar bills.'
He's so cute!!:)

Jordan (7yr.old) says,
'granilla bore' instead of granola bar!!!:)

Jordan steps on a needle and cries.  I tell him how bad Jesus must have felt when He got the nails in His hands and feet on the cross for our sins.  Jordan is quiet...then says something like this,
"Yeah but Jesus is stronger, so it wouldn't hurt as bad as me."  SO CUTE!

My brother Austin call Reese and Nicole's, 'Reeses and Nickel.'  :)

 Our little ring neck snake named Copper escaped again.  He's been gone a long time, and Jordan told Mom recently, "When the snake comes out, I bet he's going to be dead."
My mom laughed.  May never come out!!!:)

 My sister Elena likes to sing 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire' singing it like this:
"And flocks dressed-up like Eskimos."  (You know how its supposed to be folks dressed-up like Eskimos.)  She is so sweet.

Yesterday Jordan called 'Scooby Doo' Snoogy Doo.  He is so cute sometimes.:)

Elena said this about three-and-half years ago, (age 3) while she was laying in her bed, and I was in mine at bedtime,  "I'm a black woman!"  "No your not."  I said.  "Yes I am.  Cause its dark in here."  She answered.  Elena has gotten so big since then!  

 Austin also calls M&Ms, 'En-e-mens' (age 10-years-old) 

Elena said to me, 2-29-12
'I wike chicken pops, because I wike to eat popsicles!"

Elena said, 'It was a black lab snake.'
Also she says, 'Forget that stinkin' pillow pet!  I want ah business!'

8-11-11 Elena says, 'Were definitely gonna get sheep so we can have feta cheese.' 

Some little kids at our homeschool group, as I was trying to teach them the Base Clef notes, and I was going through the notes in words, like, "Great big dogs eat..." I paused, waiting for a response, I guess.  I messed up, and was supposed to say 'great big dogs fight..." but I said eat instead, and one little boy blurted out, "Eat dog food!"  I had to smile, and then a different little boy named Isaiah, (a rather ornery little one), blurted out, too: 'Great big dogs eat corn!"
O.K., not the sort of learning I was going for, but still hilarious and cute.  You never know what little kids will say...or what they can make of your mistakes!

Just today, I was calling a farm and home store to ask about their chicks for sale, and I asked the young man  if he had any Rhode Island Red chickens.  He seemed confused, and he was like,
"We don't know, ma'am.  You know, we don't know like if they're from Dakota, or Florida.  Their just red pullets."
It was so funny!  He thought I meant where the chickens were from, Rhode Island Red is a certain kind of chicken!  So he  had no idea what I was asking!
That man must of went to Harvard!  You know, not the 'civilized' Harvard, but 20 yr. old's learning 2+2=5, sort of Harvard!  Sometimes, you just have to be flexible and laugh at the little funny mistakes in life!  

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12