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Saturday, January 14, 2012

KITTY KORNER (stories in the perspectives of my cats)

  (In my cat Batman's perspective)
My Memoir of ‘Fallen Clouds’

I awoke one cold morning, after a long, cold windy night.  My new little striped brother, (the one in which my owner Austin calls Alex) stretched out beside me and went outside for his morning stroll in the tall grass.  He hadn’t been out for more than three seconds when I heard him say, “Brother!  Brother!  There’s cold clouds laying out here on the ground!  The clouds have fallen to the ground!” 
I rolled my eyes way up into my head and then curled up tighter.  Alex is known for his overreacting on many things, so I wasn’t about to jump right outside for nothing. 
For example, he overreacts a lot every time Sam pours the hard brown dirt clumps into his bowl, (in which Sam calls, ‘Cat food,’) and each time he just purrs his fur off and then comes over to my bowl and eats mine, because he thinks it’s that good.  Once in a while Sam or her mom will put out a little dish of fresh tuna juice or some sort of meat, and in my opinion, I call that kind of food, real ‘Cat food.’ 
Other things that he overreacts on is like this: one time we were playing ‘pounce on each other’s tail’ game, when Austin came out and said, “Alex!  Here boy!”  And Alex just stopped the whole game all together and ran to him.  Later, when I asked him why he did that, he said with his whole face glowing, “I didn’t get any attention at my previous owner’s place.  They just had two million of us in a big dirty barn, and fed us hardly enough for a mouse.  So that’s why I like to obey Austin.  He treats me nice.”  I just rolled my eyes. 
But today, he sounded nearly convincing.  He sounded like he wasn’t overreacting. 
          “Batman!  Bat Bro!  Bro Bat!  Come here!  You have to try this stuff!  It tastes like water!” 
I turned over and found him peeking his little head through the door, his mouth covered in white stuff.  “Come on bro!”  He urged again, and then he disappeared outside again. 
I must admit that I was beginning to become somewhat curious.  After all, he did have white stuff on his whiskers, what was that? 
So, as you’ve heard the saying, ‘Curiosity killed the cat’, I lived to write this, and when I went outside I found Alex to be right. 
White, cold clouds had fallen everywhere!  It was just enough to cover my paws, and I found that when I walked somewhere, it left little marks in the clouds of where my paw had once stepped.  It was awesome! 
Alex and I ran around in the white, cold clouds, pouncing on each other and rolling in it.  It was the most amazing thing that had ever happened! 
And after Sam had put our food in our bowls and went back inside, Alex came up to me and smiled. 
          “I heard them talking, and I found out what this stuff is called.” 
I looked at him, pausing at cleaning my paws. 
          “What?  I thought we knew what it was.  It’s fallen clouds.” 
His grin was even bigger now. 
          “Nope.  It’s called SNOW!”  And he threw a little pawful of it on my nose, making me sneeze. 
After getting him back, I finally said,
          “All right, all right.  So you knew something before I did.” 
But deep down, I was truly glad to have my new little brother here with me…to share the happy moment. 


 (Written by Samantha on 1-12-12) 

The Day when a Large House Plopped down from Heaven

There was a certain day, when as I came up to the deck, about to go up to eat, I noticed a new, rather large-looking object next to the stairs.  The little pig that has lots of fur and barks at me, heard me coming and came out of it.  So this must be the furry pig's new home. My owners call this furry enemy of mine, a 'dog,' and therefore think that the little furry pig needs a 'dog' house.  Whatever happened to a cat house?  Aren't I special enough to deserve one as well.  
I sulked as I went up the stairs and to the little wooden shack that I share with my adopted brother, Alex.
It makes up about a fourth or so of what the furry pig got, and so usually Alex and I are cramped when we sleep inside it.  It has cracks around the corners, where my owners hadn't done the best job in lining up the boards as walls.  It has no floor, whereas the furry pig has a painted floor, with a big fluffy sleeping bag to lay on!  The ceiling on our little house is simply flat, a box-like structure it is, whereas the furry pig has these things that the owners call 'shingles' on his, plus its pointed like my owners', so therefore it must be special if its a duplicate of my owners' home.
The furry pig's house was wonderful and perfect in every way.  It was so beautiful and new, that I was sure that it had plopped down straight from Heaven.

(written by Samantha on 3-2-12.  In my cat Batman's perspective.)   

Our 'Mama-Kitty' at the old house

Alex the cool Dude

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12