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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stories Almost Classic...

  • If I could be any Superhero, I’d be……..

WonderMater!!  WonderMater has awesome and hilarious ways to get the bad guys. 

1.  He can get the bad guys by making his tongue really long and licking them.  (Then that makes them freak-out and they just run away, screaming “mama”)

2. WonderMater can also get the bad guys by activating his wings, (they pop out whenever he says, “wings activate!”) and flying down and landing on their heads.  Usually that freaks them out so much that they just faint or have a heart-attack. 

3. WonderMater  can also beat-up the bad dudes with his deadly buck-teeth.  First, what he does is he (well, his teeth are already sticking out) so he just sticks them out even farther and then drives really fast toward the bad guys, as he sings, “three maters came o’gettin', o’gettin', to get the bad guys.  Three maters came o’gettin’ to git the baaad-guys, tooooday!!”  And that scares them out of their pants I tell you! 

Also, besides his beautiful powers to get the bad guys, WonderMater also has a special vision that he can turn on at night.  So when the bad guys are having trouble seeing, he can see really good because his eyes grow to the size of a basketball!!! 

Another thing that is really cool, is that WonderMater has a Matey-sense that tells him if something is wrong.  He also can blow bubble gum so huge that it lifts him into the air and he can float around as if it were a balloon. 

Another thing WonderMater can do is he has this really cool thing where if someone is trying to get him, all he hast to do is clear his throat and spit on them, and they turn to a Mater themselves!  Then Mater has another buddy, and they go out conquering the world like Batman and Robin!! 

But I must say, that my favorite thing about WonderMater is that he has a kind heart toward baby cars, and especially has an understanding spirit toward other redmotor, (redneck) and hillbilly cars like himself. 

SO anyway, WONDERMATER is my best, and as his motto goes,
            “IF there’s bad guys on the run, stick out your teeth and have a little fun!” 


My Favorite Thing about Spring Break~ 

Spring break is fun because there's no schoolwork I had to do!  I was free to write in one of my books, or to read or play outside.  With spring coming, and the white blossoms on the Ornamental Pear tree, and the emerald-coloring grasses and freshness in the air, I love to go outside even more than before now!  Also over spring break we started our first garden in our new home!  Spring break is really neat, also because I have more time to play with my siblings.
But I must say that my favorite thing about Spring Break is that I am free to do whatever I want!   

By Samantha

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12