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Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Bookmark on Performing Plays...snippets on scripts

~Have you ever been in a play or show before?  There's always lots of practicing, learning, memorizing, perfecting, obstacles and etc., isn't there?  I am currently in a play that is based off of the book that I wrote, (I wrote the script too)  Sunshine on Her Face is what its called.  Here's some snippets, pictures, and funny little things that happen when your in a play or producing one!!! 
Whoa!  What's going on???  Is it my line yet?  Oh, yeah, we're supposed to be taking a picture, guys!!!
When some of the boys in the play mess around, they sometimes end up doing something funny that my mom (the producer) wants them to do again!!!
Like, one time, at the following line,

CHIEF DELSHAY:  We’re gathered here today, under authority of  Great Spirit, to test honor and courage of white men captives.  We know future of white men rely on their skill and readiness.  But even if they do not make test, they still set example to all other white men of us…  we are, Tonto Apache! 

Right after 'We are, Tonto Apache!' is when they did the funny thing.... 
Some of the boys went, ''HUGH!" All in unison, like a war cry!  
"Hey, that sounded cool!  Do that again!"  My mom said, and so now its going to be a funny snippet in our play!!:) 

 Here's some Snippets of the Sunshine On Her Face Script~

CAST of Sunshine On Her Face Play

Casri Eloise McKlay:  A young girl in search of her purpose. 

Ethan Kayleb Rox:  A young man that directs Casri to her one and only true purpose in life, Jesus Christ. 

Mrs. Elsie Rox:  The kindly woman who takes in Casri and is Ethan’s mother.

Mr. Edward Rox:  Mrs. Rox’s husband, who is determined to defend his family.

Mrs. Rebecca McKlay:  Casri’s loving mother who has her strength in the Lord.

Mr. David McKlay or ‘White Creek’:  Casri’s father who leaves her when she is but a young girl.  He finally finds Christ and is reunited with his daughter.

Morning Sunlight:  The quiet, young Indian girl that befriends Casri during her captivity and comes to feel as if they were sisters. 

Chief Delshay:  The rock-faced Indian Chief that shows no grace to Ethan and charges him guilty. 

Dark Moon:  The cruel Indian leader.

Narrators 1, 2 & 3: The amazing speakers for flashbacks and more!


Mr. Peter Edly:  The shopkeeper of a General Store near the Agua Caliente Mountains.

The Little Singing Indians:  The cute little Indians that sing for the chief! 

Little Casri:  In the flashbacks when Casri is depicted as a young girl.

Jesus:  The Son of God that promises whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life in Heaven with Him. 


  Scene 1


Set-up:  McKlay kitchen. Cot is in left-hand corner, left side to stove.  Mrs. McKlay is setting the table.  Little Casri is looking out the window.

NARRATOR 1#: Amelia:  The story begins near the foot of the Agua Caliente Mountains in the fall season.  A little cozy cabin sits just a few miles from Flap-Jack Ranch, 6 miles SW of Agua Caliente, California.   
It’s November 15th, 1849.

MRS. MCKLAY: Casri, come back from that winduh’. 

LITTLE CASRI: But Ma, when is Papa comin’?  He’s been gone a long time!!

MRS. MCKLAY:  (Taking L. Casri away from the window).   Pa will come when he comes, child.

(L. Casri mopes as she walks to the table and sits down.  She’s still pouting when Mr. McKlay stumbles through the door on the right.  Casri runs to him.) 

MR. MCKLAY:  Is this my little chickadee?  (Looking down at L. Casri)
You’ve grown since I’ve seen you last. 

LITTLE CASRI:  I didn’t grow, Papa.  I’m just standin’ on my tippy toes lookin’ for Pa and Benji! 

MR. MCKLAY:  Well good!  You growin’ up way too fast as it is! 

MRS. MCKLAY:  (Coming up to Mr. McKlay and hugging him).  Oh David, you’re soaked!

MR. MCKLAY: Sho’ am!

(Casri gets out of the way as Mr. McKlay takes off his wet coat and Mrs. McKlay puts it by the fire to dry.  Mr. McKlay goes to the table and sits down.  Mrs. McKlay goes the stove and pours a cup of hot tea for him. She gives it to him then sits down.) 

MRS. MCKLAY:  Was it comin’ down hard out there? 

MR. MCKLAY:  ‘Bout as hard as the Almighty would let it.  But praise the Lord, I’m home safe and sound!

LITTLE CASRI:  You got wet, Papa? 

MR. MCKLAY:  Yes, my chickadee.  (Turning to Mrs. McKlay.) Let’s get little chickadee to bed, Becca.  I have some things to tell ya…

MRS. MCKLAY:  All right sugarplum, Pa says its time for bed. 

LITTLE CASRI:  Ooh!  But Papa…

MRS. MCKLAY:  You heard your Pa.  Give me a kiss, get in bed, & say your prayers.
LITTLE CASRI:  Goodnight Mama!  Goodnight Papa!  I love you!

(Little Casri gives her a kiss, then skips to the cot near the stove.  She lies down and closes her eyes.  Mrs. McKlay sighs) 

MRS. MCKLAY:  Good night dear. 

MR. MCKLAY: Goodnight Casri-girl.  Go to sleep.

MRS. MCKLAY:  She’s uh handful but such a blessing from God.

MR. MCKLAY:  Yeah, been goin’ too long on them huntin’ trips I reckon.  Really does seem like she’s grown an inch or two taller. 

MRS. MCKLAY:  So…you were going to tell me something?

(There’s a slight pause.  Mr. McKlay leans closer on the table.) 

MR. MCKLAY:  Oh, yes ma’am.  On one of my hunting trips, I went in to town to buy some more bullets at the General Store. While I was there I saw that the latest copy of New Times was in, and went ahead and took a look at it.  It was them headlines, Rebecca.  They got me right by the heart.  Gold.  Enough gold for ah king.  Right down in the Northern Californy’ territory.  Right here in Ol’ Californiy!  Can you believe it?

MRS. MCKLAY:  Here?  But oh, David, Northern…

MR. MCKLAY:  I know!  Idn’t it grand?  And jes, think Rebecca; there be ‘nough of that gold to make as rich as the queen of England!  What’d you think? 

MRS. MCKLAY:  Northern California isn’t close, David! It’s many hundred miles from here.  And there be Indians and disease and other untrustworthy prospectors!  How’m I supposed to count on you comin’ back? 

MR. MCKLAY:  Count on me?  (Voice rising, standing up) Why wouldn’t you be able to count on me?  I’m a trustworthy fellow, and the good Lord will be watchin’ out for me…You think I’m gonna let some little band of savages stop me?  Or some small sickness or ornery prospectors?  Jes’ how weak and sickly do you think I am, Rebecca? 

MRS. MCKLAY: (Standing) You’re my husband, that’s who you are.  And Casri’s Pa.  And if you leave….there’s no tellin’ I’ll ever see you again.  No matter how brave you think you are, David McKlay.

MR. MCKLAY:  I don’t just think I’m brave, Becca.  I know.  This is an opportunity.  It could change our lives.....

To read what happens to Mr. McKlay and Mrs. McKlay, contact me through e-mail or commenting to order a script~! 


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"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
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