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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Pursuit for Purpose

Don't happy ending movies give you a sense of satisfaction?  A sense of meaning?  A feeling of purpose?  Why is purpose more of an unknown word today?  Many people desire to discover their God-given purpose, but don't know how to go about finding it.
Well, the first step that you must take is to find out what your dream is.  Dig deep into the depths of your soul and ask yourself, 'What do I truly want to do with my life?'  And I doubt your answer will be, 'Waste it with TV watching, or with texting, or with computer time.'  But believe it or not, many people are answering their call of purpose by ignoring it and distracting themselves with things that don't bring them to their dream but away from it.
So I ask you now, what is your dream?  Surely there's always been something that you've wanted to do, something you've always wanted to see, to say, to live for....surely there's that longing deep inside that's been buried over with life over the years...but still lies deep within.  Surely there's the dream that you had as a five-year-old, thinking, 'Someday, when I get big, I'm gonna be a doctor.'  Or maybe it was a professional ballerina, or a singer on American Idol, or a famous hockey player.
Maybe your dream is to go to Florida and buy a summerhouse down there, and spend each summer with your family at the beach!  Maybe your dream is to adopt five orphan babies from China, or a sixteen-year-old boy from India, lacking love.
Whatever your dream is, I know you have one Every single person wants to do more with their life, but many don't, simply because of the fear of failure or doubt.  But why fear?  You only have one life, right?  Why waste it in a closed house, with air conditioning, and a job that gets you no where?
 Of course, if your reading this right now, you might be able to find out what your dream is, but you may be thinking, 'Sure, this all sounds great.  Expect I don't have enough money to pursue my dream.  So whats the point?'
Sadly, this is why many people are average.  Its a money issue.  I mean, come on, if only we could at least fix the money issue, they're would be a lot more people pursuing their dreams, right?  I should think so!

My parents were never amazingly rich, but my Dad had a good job.  It paid just about enough to make ends meet, and my mom came home and became a stay-at-home mom with me and my brother.  But though our life wasn't terrible, it wasn't amazing either.  I only saw my dad at nights, mostly, outside of the weekends, so therefore its not hard to comprehend why most kids have a closer relationship with their moms than dads.  The fathers are out working to provide, and yet, have you ever thought that maybe the dads want to be with their kids too!
I'm sure many people realize this problem, too, but what can we do about it?  What can you do about it?
It just so happens that my parents ran into this group of people that wanted to change the way families were being brought up.  They wanted to fix this problem...and today, thank the Lord my parents signed-up when they did, we are a part of the LIFE business.
So many things are focused on DEATH, these days that its truly a deacon of hope to be a part of something that gives life to hurting people!  With this business, my family and I are able to pursue our dreams, and we can stop be average and be a family again!  LIFE helps people in all 8 areas, Family, Finances, Fitness, Fun, Freedom...and others.  Because of the truly life-changing difference that I have already seen it making in my family and my friends, I decided to be part of it too.  There is a way to pursue your dream...your purpose, and its not with your day-to-day job that makes you work for someone else!
Top 8 guru in the world, founder Orrin Woodward's blog- Founder Orrin Woodward's Blog

Post your pictures of your dream on your ceiling, on your door, on your mirror.  Review them every day, and take the steps that it takes to bring you closer to your dream!  Yeah, this may sound crazy, but look around you, and at all the people that aren't pursuing their they seem happy?  


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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12