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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Locket

Have you ever worn a locket with that special someone's face tucked carefully inside?  Have you felt safe, or even more loved...when you wear that locket?

Let me say's special to be liked by someone.  It's even more special to be loved by someone.  Though it's exciting for me to look forward to the day when I will have that "special someone" that I can call mine, the young man that will sweep me off my feet and make the stars in my eyes burn brighter,

You know what makes you feel the specialist?  You know what gives you the GREATEST fulfillment & hope & feeling of love in your life?

It's KNOWING that JESUS is thinking of you now, and that He loves you.


That's it.

He loves you.

And He has knows your face...every detail.  Even the little things that most people don't know about you...the way one ear may be a little higher than the other, the way when you smile how you only have one dimple, or how when your sad, you try to cover it with a fake smile...

He knows your face.  And He knows your name.  You are not a mistake...He knew the exact day you would be born, and He knows the exact day that He has planned for you when your time here is complete.  He has a purpose for your life...and He wants to have your heart.  He has you close to His heart, and He longs for you to love Him back.  It's like...Jesus is in love with you, He loves you so so much, but you are unaware of His love...

He just wants you to know that you're loved...

 And to keep Him close to your He does with you.

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12