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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Strongest Love...

Valentines Day
 came and went so fast!  But even though its over, I wanted to tell ya'll a really special TRUE story that just happened to a friend of ours.
Some friends of ours have 3 kids, and their dad, being in the military, went away be gone for 9 months!  He wouldn't see his family for almost an entire year...and here are the ages of the little children, 11, 6 and now 2.  :)  If your dad or someone you know is in the Army, then you know how hard it is to be apart from someone you love for so long. 
Well, anyway, we've (our family) have been praying for his safe return home to his family,
and God is sooo good!  God is also using us to be a light there, and is doing quite a work in the father's heart. 
Back to the story:
We all hoped so hard that the father would make it home in time for Valentines special and sweet, right?  To be reunited with his family on the day our country celebrates the love we share for one another! Wow! 
The mom of the 3 little kids was hoping he would make it on Valentines, too, and it was Thursday, and her and her eleven-year-old son were waiting at the airport, watching for the fimiliar face of the one they loved...the one they had waited so long to see....
Jayden, (the 11-year old boy) is anxious to see his dad again, and suddenly he can see his dad through the crowds of people!  Longing to run to him, he cried out: "I can see Dad!  I can see Dad!" 
His mom tried to calm him a little, assuring him that as soon as Dad's stuff was checked and everything, that he could come.  But the few moments seemed like eternity to that little boy.  Dad could see his son's face, and Jayden could see his Dad's face, but they couldn't run and embrace till his bags were checked after getting off the airplane!! 
Finally, bags and all, the weary traveler must have forgotten all his fears and worries and tiredness as he ran to his son, and his son ran to him.  "Dad!" Jayden cried.  No doubt tears were shed from both young and old eyes.  Jayden, after months of waiting, finally felt the strong, warm arms of his Dad wrapping around him again.
Wow!  What a story of love!  And yet, let you and I not forget that the Greatest Love Story is the story of a Heavenly Father that holds out His arms to you....saying, "Run to Me, and I will give you rest."  He will never leave nor forsake You...but first you have to run to Him.
Even if your earthly father has forsaken you, and you feel unloved,
There has never been a second when God is not waiting,
His arms open,

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"Now, therefore," Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."

"Now, therefore,"  Says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping.."
Joel 2:12